The Perfect Mug - How to Brew Hario V60

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Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

In 2004, the Hario V60 was introduced to offer coffee lovers a simple yet effective way to brew coffee manually. Named for its 60-degree V-shaped design, this dripper ensures consistent and even extraction with its spiral ribs. The Hario V60 quickly became a favorite among enthusiasts for its precise control over water temperature, pour rate, and extraction time, enhancing the flavor profiles of pour-over coffee.



Serving: 2 Cups

  • 30g coffee beans
  • Hot water


  • Hario V60 dripper
  • V60 paper filter
  • A mug
  • Kitchen scale


Step 1

Put the cone on top of the vassel you are brewing into and wet the paper filter with hot water.

Step 2

Put 30 grams of coffee grounds into the filter.

Step 3

Pour 60 grams of water in circular motion, and leave for 30 seconds.

Step 4

The wait is called the bloom. The hot water releases trapped gases from the coffee and lead to bubbling at the surface and aromas for you to enjoy.

Step 5

Gently pour more water in circular motion, you can give it a good stir, and allow the water to drain through the filter.

Step 6

Swirl your server, serve and enjoy.



You can adjust the brew ratio to suit your preferred strength and flavour. I.e reduce the ratio to make a stronger brew.

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